Monday, April 27, 2009

First Mouse Through Time

Mickey à travers les siècles

While googling "Titans" of Greek mythology the other day I came across an odd time travel reference a French comic/series called - Mickey à travers les siècles (aka Mickey Through the Centuries). The stories featured Mickey Mouse as a time traveller. From what little I can gather the series ran from 1952 to 1970 as part of a larger Mickey Mouse comic. In 1970 it appears to have gotten its own comic which continued until 1978.

Here's one link to a list of the various series and the historical characters that appear in each one. It also lists whether or not the series was historically faithful for a particular time period.

No word on whether he owned a time machine or just simply showed up in each of these time periods unexplained.

Anyone ever read/own one of these issues?


  1. I have a Portuguese translation which I read as a child in 1976 - it includes 4 stories: Mickey helping Hercules, Mickey in the Farwest, Mickey in the battle of Marathon, and Mickey in the near future, where he travels with Pluto to a dog-ruled planet before eventually coming back and making another time-trip. Contact me via if you need more info.