Saturday, January 12, 2013

15 Years of Andy's Anachronisms

You might have noticed that there hasn't been much activity on Andy's Anachronisms in a while. Doesn't mean the website or the blog is dead. Far from it.

It's bee a busy year personally and I have been working on drafting up a new design for the website, now heading in to its 15th year. Yes, in one form or another Andy's Anachronisms has been on the internet since February of 1999. Hard to believe.

From its humble beginnings its been a one man show with the ocassional guest contribution. Speaking of which I am always looking for interesting Time Travel and Alternate History references and reviews. If you see something during your travels on the web, don't hesitate to send it my way.

You can leave it here or find me on Twitter @SooGuy68. (see link below)

If there is something you'd like to see a review for or have a question feel free to drop me a line.

Here's to 2013 and a new year of time travel fun.