Monday, February 4, 2013

Time Travel Related Commercials (Pt. 2)

Advertisers and marketing departments love using Time Travel in commercials. Back in 2009 I posted another entry on Time Travel in Commercials  - that looked at a 1986 Pepsi commercial and a more contemporary Bacardi commercial that used Time Travel to sell a product.

Recently on TV there have been two commercials that play on the notion of time travel.

The first is a Pizza Hut spot that is hyping how their low price is a blast from the plast so to speak and the hapless guy buying pizza wonders if he hasn't accidently travelled back in time. The spot takes it one step further when he meets a young look alike that he urges to "invest in the internet".

Pizza Hut "Price from the Past" Commercial.

The second commercial actually involves a time machine comes to us from Dodge and the re-introduction of the DART as an econo replacement to the Dodge Neon. Bragging that tech so futuristic must have involved a Time Machine it reminds me a bit about the Toyota commercial from a few years back.

How to Make the Most Hi-Tech Car (Dodge Dart)

The Toyota  commercial was bragging about things that are reinvented including of course their Toyota Camry. One included a baby that didn't poop and for no particular reason, other than it was funny, was also a time machine. Personally I am holding out for the rain that makes you skinny.

Toyota Camry 2012 Reinvented.